Pace setting Activities


Report of Pace Setting activity
Session – 2010-11
Following activities are performed under pace setting activity :-
1.      Celebration of children’s day on 14.11.2010 with handicapped students of “Navjeevan Vidyalaya ” Rampura.
2.      On 30-12-2010 following activities are performed at Gram Haripura with team of 50 students and teachers.
(a)  Exhibition of slogan and posters as different topics- likes: AIDS, Water conservation.
(b)   Exhibition of books. Books were provided to the rural students and public follows.
(c)  Distribution of pemplets on “NASHA MUKTI”.
(d)  A cultural programme “Baba Ramdev ki katha”.
(e)  Rally on AIDS.
(f)   Distribution of cloth to poor people of villages. Cloths and other items were collected from vidylaya and staff members.
3.      Really and Nuked Natak in Rampura – as 1st December 2010 for AIDS awareness.
4.      Guest lecture – by Dr. Anil Thakur on 1st December 2010 on AIDS awareness.
5.      Celebration of “Science Day” 28-08-2011.
                                     I.      Guest lecture
    (1) Mr. Raju Solanki – “Food Adultration”
                         (2) Dr. Anil Thakur – “Malnutrition and anemia”.
                 II.   Demonstration of food Adultration.
                                  II.      Slogen & Poster competition.
     6.    (A)      Inter-School poem recitation competition- on 25-03-2011.
            (B)      Toys and gift distribution to handicapped students of “Navjeevan Vidyalaya ” Rampura.